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When three college besties meet three hot guys in Vegas, anything can—and does—happen. Book Four in the New York Times Wild Seasons series that began with Sweet Filthy Boy (the Romantic Times book of the year that Sylvia Day called “a sexy, sweet treasure of a story”), Dirty Rowdy Thing, and Dark Wild Night.

London Hughes is very content to surf daily, tend bar, hang out with her group of friends, and slowly orient herself in the years after college. Everything’s going great and according to the non-plan.

But when a wave knocks her for a loop one morning, then Luke Sutter’s flirtatious smile knocks her for another that evening, she veers slightly off course…and into his path. Sure, he’s a total player, but the Why not—it’s only one night is a persistent voice in her ear.

For his part, Luke’s been on hookup autopilot for so long that he rarely ever pauses to consider what he’s doing. But after an amazing time with London, he realizes that he hasn’t been moving on from a devastating heartbreak so much as he’s been drifting to wherever—and whomever—the current takes him. With London he wants more.

Every relationship involves two people…plus their pasts. And as much as she enjoys her fling with Luke, when London learns about his past—more specifically, who’s in it—everything becomes the brand of complicated she strives to avoid. It’s up to Luke then to change some things in order to try and ensure he’s not something she’ll outright avoid as well.

For two people ambivalent about dating and love, they sure get naked around each other an awful lot . . .


With a Christina Lauren book in hand, you know you’re in for a fun, extremely sexy, and hilarious read that you won’t want to put down– which is exactly what I got from Wicked Sexy Liar. 

In WSL, readers meet Luke and London (or…Logan? *wink*)- just kidding guys it’s London, but you’ll see what I’m getting at once you read the book. First off, how much love do you have for their names- especially when combined?! Luke and London. London and Luke. I am already in love.

Anyways, London and Luke have some…mutual friends and if you’ve read the other books in this series (which you should), you already know what I’m talking about aka., drama is afoot. Fans of this series also know how Christina Lauren loves to write angst, passion, chemistry, and some hilarious, witty one-liners; this can all be found in Luke and London’s story. <3

They also know how to create some INCREDIBLE book boyfriends. Basically when thinking about what to write for my review I knew I needed to include this gif, which is basically in reference to how I feel about Luke and pretty much this entire novel.

With her “non-plan”, London is also one more female-lead by Christina Lauren that I can’t help but relate to, because like some of us between the ages of 18 and 30, London is just trying to figure out what the heck to do next in life. However, she does take a much more laid-back approach to it all- which was very refreshing to see! I love that London did her own thing and gave zero flying fish about what anyone told her about it.

Wicked Sexy Liar is another phenomenal novel by Christina Lauren and just further proves that they are the queens of sexy-comedy! Read all their books ASAP, people!!!

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Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long-time writing partners/besties/soulmates and brain-twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, the New York Times, USA Today, and #1 international bestselling authors of the Beautiful Bastard and Wild Seasons series, Sublime, and The House. You can find them online at christinalaurenbooks.com, Facebook.com/ChristinaLaurenBooks, or at @ChristinaLauren on Twitter.


Sweet Filthy Boy
Dirty Rowdy Thing
Dark Wild Night

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