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Book 4 of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Real series.


Brook Dumas found Remington Tate in REAL, and now it’s her best friend Melanie’s turn to find the man who makes her heart sing. After years of searching, one night in the rain, the strong and mysterious Greyson King comes to her rescue. He’s bold, and maybe just the lover, friend, and protector she’s been searching for. When they make love, he says her name like it means something. Like she means something—and that’s everything she’s ever wanted.

He disappears for days without a word, and when he’s around, he says he’ll only hurt her. Buy when he’s away, her heart hurts more.

Then Melanie uncovers the dark world he’d been determined to keep hidden, and suspects that their random first meeting might have not been so random after all.

Caught in a free fall of emotions, Melanie has no one to catch her but the man she should be running from. . .

But what do you do when your Prince Charming has gone Rogue?

Giselle’s Review:

First, let me start by saying that I DEVOURED this book. There’s no other way to say it except that this book completely drew me in and didn’t let me go. I had the luxury of being able to stay in bed all day, and I decided to stay in bed with Greyson King and I don’t regret one second of it. 😉

Greyson King has tall, rugged, dark, and sexy written all over him. He’s rough around the edges and just radiates mystery, danger, and trouble. He is the guy you definitely don’t want to ever mess with or cross because you just KNOW by glancing at him that he’s powerful and won’t hesitate to get what he wants.

We first meet Melanie in the first book in this series, Real, as Brooke’s upbeat, positive, and wild best friend. Melanie’s got party girl written all over her, but in Rogue we get to see another side of her.

Melanie is looking for a prince. The type of guy who will see only her in a room full of people and will protect her, make her feel safe and wanted. Greyson is that guy…except he is definitely no Prince Charming.

But once Melanie and Greyson meet the attraction between them is undeniable and you’re just rooting the whole entire time for these two to be together and stay that way.

So it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Greyson King, but the more he spoke and the more he opened up the harder I fell for him. I think I could actually feel my heart melting at some of the things he said, because to me there is nothing sexier than a tough guy baring a piece of himself.

Jesus! Do you not see what you’re doing to me? You have all of me, Melanie. I’m states away and I feel like half a man, I feel like I’ll tear something apart if I don’t see you soon with my own two eyes . . .” I trail off.


Katy Evans takes the whole damn cake with this book. Rogue is her best work yet and my absolute favorite book in the Real series so far. I can’t wait to get my hands on Ripped, Pandora’s story, because if I wasn’t in love with Katy Evan’s writing after Remy and Brooke’s story I am now!!

Rogue is captivating, HOT, and will have you completely glued to your reading device/print copy wondering what’s going to happen next. You won’t be able to put this book down!

So go ahead and One-Click this book by clicking on that sexy cover above. 😉

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