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Goodreads’ Book Description:

Sometimes two wrongs can make a right…

Bad boy wrangler, Archer Kane, lives fast and loose. Words like responsibility and commitment send him running in the opposite direction. Until a wild Vegas weekend puts him on a collision course with Eden Bankcroft-Kew, a New York heiress running away from her blackmailing fiancé…the morning of her wedding.

Eden has never understood the big attraction to cowboys. Give her a guy in a tailored suit any day of the week. But now all she can think about is Mr. Rugged Handsome, six-feet of sinfully sexy country charm with a pair of green eyes that keeps her tossing and turning all night long.

Archer might be the wrong guy for a woman like her, but she’s not right in thinking he’ll walk away without fighting for her heart. And maybe, just maybe, two wrongs can make a right.

Silvana’s Review:

Archer Kane is my ultimate book boyfriend now. /waves to Archer/ Even the name is super sexy and I just can’t believe Lia Riley keeps making me fall in love with every single character she writes. (I totally believe it) (Lia is an amazing writer). The Brightwater series keeps getting better with every book release. In Right Wrong Guy, you can see Lia at her best, writing funny dialogue and cute relationships between her characters. She does it in a way that you find yourself transported to Edie’s bakery or Archer’s ranch. You are just there with them.

Note: Kane brothers are just what everyone needs.

This time, Archer Kane is front and center. On a Vegas trip, he meets heiress Edie – whose wedding was supposed to happen that same day. She runs to Brightwater with Archer – and let me tell you, those two together spark so many flames, everything is super cute and you can’t help but smile at their interactions.

What I like about a lot on RWG is that the timelines is before Last First Kiss (Brightwater #1) AND during it. It also has some scenes that happen after but if you read Last First Kiss you can definitely say, “Oh! I remember that!” “I can’t believe that was also happening backstage.” Lia, as always, does a fantastic job giving life to all of it.

You will want to meet Archer Kane, guys. He’s sweet like a cinnamon bun and the greatest cowboy in Brightwater. There’s blackmail and desserts, one true loves and life. Right Wrong Guy is just perfect for summer because it’s hot and it’s yummy.

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