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To turn her life around, she’ll have to stand the heat. To fulfill his dreams, he’ll have to get Lucky.

Despite her name, Lucky Pierce has always felt a little cursed. Refusing to settle for less or settle down, she changes jobs as often as she changes boyfriends. When her celebrity chef mother challenges her to finish something, Lucky agrees to help her launch Boston’s next hot restaurant, The Star. Even if it means working with the infuriating, egotistical, and undeniably sexy head chef.

James loves being known as Boston’s hottest bad boy in the kitchen, but if he wants to build a reputation as a serious chef, he has to make this restaurant work and keep his scandalous past out of the headlines. Getting involved with his boss’s spoiled, sharp-tongued daughter is definitely not on the menu.

As the launch of The Star looms and the tension and chemistry heat up in the kitchen, they’re going to need more than a little luck to keep everything from boiling over.

Silvana’s Review:

No kidding when I say this book is one of my 2014 favorites. Seriously this book is all I didn’t know I wanted but when I had it I was drunk with it. I WANT MORE. Of everything, anything about Zoraida Córdova. Her writing is so appealing and fabulous. I couldn’t stop laughing at some points and I LOVE when that happens! I am so happy this book turned out the way it did.

Truthfully I have never read a book like this one. A sexy chef and a sassy female character. I was like “heck yes this is my thiiiiing” when I read the synopsis. And then THE FIRST LINE, THE FIRST PAGE OF THE FIRST CHAPTER – I was half in love already.

“The universal rule of serves is: the bigger the order, the bigger the prick. […] Now at The Red Cup, Mr. Tall Vanilla Latte No Whip, Mo Foam, Extra shot, Half Skim, Half Whole, Pump of Hazelnut is a pretty big prick.”

Lucky is so amazing. Her voice is so amazing. I was non-stop laughing with her throughout the whole book. She captivated me in a way that I wanted to be friends with her and hang out and make pies and cakes and any type of food really. She made the whole book so enjoyable.

Her first meeting with James was pretty much perfect – she ran away with his coffee order. Like literally she saw the cup of coffee and took it while he was chatting with the barista. LUCKY IS THE BEST. It was so cute also. Like Lily Calloway kind of cute, guys.

Before I realized the things I wanted to discover were mythical, like Atlantis, a comfortable bra, or true love.”

Isn’t she just so fabulous?

All I wanted and want to do to Chef James is kiss the hell out of him. It was insta-love; him and I. I, to be honest, was so intrigued with his character and the way he acted and his past and everything about him. And that is a good sign when it comes to characters for me. James was fun and sexy as hell and a FREAKING CHEF WHO DID DELICIOUS FOOD. [All throughout the novel my drooling didn’t stop – for James and the food] He is my new boyfriend. I have decided. I just want him with strawberries and whipped cream on my bed, thankyouverymuch.

So we have two great, interesting, full of fun characters and a pretty awesome love story [with food wink wink guys]. You can totally see this is just solid read. I can’t wait to read more of Zoraida!

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