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Book description:

When two unlikely allies become two unwitting outlaws, will two unforgettable lovers defy unbeatable odds?

Bonnie Rae Shelby is a superstar. She’s rich. She’s beautiful. She’s impossibly famous. And Bonnie Rae Shelby wants to die. Finn Clyde is a nobody. He’s broken. He’s brilliant. He’s impossibly cynical. And all he wants is a chance at life. One girl. One boy. An act of compassion. A bizarre set of circumstances. And a choice – turn your head and walk away, or reach out your hand and risk it all? With that choice, the clock starts ticking on a man with a past and a girl who can’t face the future, counting down the seconds in an adventure riddled with heartbreak and humor, misunderstanding and revelation. With the world against them, two very different people take a journey that will not only change their lives, but may cost them their lives as well. Infinity + One is a tale of shooting stars and fame and fortune, of gilded cages and iron bars, of finding a friend behind a stranger’s face, and discovering love in the oddest of places.

Giselle’s Review:

I believe in Bonnie and Clyde. I believe in Bonnie and Finn. I believe in Infinity + One. 

Infinity + One was a unique, charming, real, and romantic, in ways you wouldn’t expect it to be. You see, Bonnie and Finn are a paradox, they are a contradiction, because they shouldn’t be together, they shouldn’t even really work together, but they do. Bonnie can even be considered the exact opposite of Finn, but they are opposite enough that it is just right. 

Bonnie is a no-filter pop star, who doesn’t hold back, and Finn is a bit of an introvert, who can’t be described as much of a “people person,” but they worked so well together I wouldn’t have been able to believe their story had I not read it with my very own eyes. Together they weren’t perfect by any means, but all their imperfections, together and independently, made me love them so much more.

Road-trips. Infinity + One’s setting was one of my absolute favorites, cause I love me some road-trips. Something about the open road, and the journey that lies ahead, really appeals to me in books because so much can happen and you are completely unaware of whats going to happen next. That is how I felt with this book, I was honestly completely unaware of what would happen next and I love that.  

Finn and Bonnie on a road-trip together was kind of like watching a little kid paint for you. It’s messy and chaotic, but in the end you can’t not love the outcome because of how much that child thinks his painting is the best in the world. Their story is romantic without trying to be, and it just IS. It flows so well and effortlessly, that it is truly one of a kind. 

Infinity + One is a story about loss, discovery, and finding oneself, and yes, as cheesy as it sounds, finding love along the way. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves a romance with a bit of a bad boy and a completely compelling storyline. 

Some of my favorite quotes from Infinity + One:

“I’m guessing you love to dance. I don’t. But I’m thinking I might like to dance with you.”

Weightless and endless. Timeless and restless. Hopelessly breathless.”

“This was us. Real and unplugged.”

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