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Holiday Gift Guide for Booksters!

December 18, 2017 0 Comments

Hi!! Thanks to my terrible gift-giving abilities, I decided to come up with a gift guide specifically for people like us (and by us I mean booksters- a name coined by the incredible @bibliotheque)! If you love everything aesthetic, travel, books, then hopefully this gift guide will serve it’s person and you can get your twin/bff/yourself something amazing (or you can just send this list to your Secret Santa). 😉  Either way, I hope you enjoy!

1) Daniel Wellington Watch

The first item on my gift guide is a bit on the pricier side, but a stylish accessory is a go-to gift for the holiday season! I am a huge fan of my DW watch and if you use my discount code HOPELESSBOOKLOVER you can get 15% off! 

2) Personalized Map!

So I actually don’t have one of these but most definitely plan on getting one because they are GORG. I definitely reccommend checking out these sites: Mapify, Mapiful, Grafomap.

3) A meal – because who doesn’t love free food? 

If you’re in Boston I highly recommend treating a friend to brunch at Tatte Bakery and if you’re in New York, Blue Stone Lane is always a fave!

4) Reservation or Ticket! Ex: Crumbs and Whiskers, Afternoon Tea spots,  Museum of Ice Cream, etc!

This was probably one of the best experiences of my life.

5) Daily Planner 

This OhhDeer planner is one of the best I’ve ever owned because I actually suck at writing in all the planners I buy, so with this one I can just start everyday anew and not have to worry about being on the wrong week/month/etc.

6) Framed Photo’s

A framed photograph is the perfect decor item and gift for any loved one. I’m very much a fan of Rachel Leiner’s prints. 😉

7) BOOKS!!

A good book is always a classic gift for any book lover. If you aren’t sure what to get for a friend The Penguin Hotline does a great job of recommending reads, but these are some of my picks! 

For the road-trip romance lover: On The Way To You 

For the family-drama lover: Without Merit

For the thriller lover: Bonfire 

For the musician lover: Public Relations

For the liberal parent (picked out by my own liberal parent): Obama: An Intimate Portrait 

and finally a pick from my mom: Truly Madly Guilty!

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