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Goodreads’ Book Description: 

Zed and ballet are my two greatest loves

It took all of Aly’s strength to get them back after a tragic accident ripped them from her six years ago. A long road to recovery led to her return, dancing full-time for the District Ballet Company and carrying Zed’s child. But Aly is slipping. Each day becomes a fight to keep her career from crumbling under the weight of younger talent, the scrutiny of the public eye and the limitations of her ever-changing body. A fight she fears she’s losing.

I’m scared Aly is broken to her core

Zed recognizes the signs, but he doesn’t know how to fix her. The accident left him with his own demons, and while he wants nothing more than to take care of the woman he loves, it’s getting harder the farther downward she spirals. When Aly’s life is threatened and Zed’s injuries prevent him from saving her, he’s never felt so useless, so afraid he’s not capable of being the man Aly and their child needs.

With new life comes new hope. And with their fractured lives already hanging by a thread, Aly and Zed must discover if they have what it takes—both together and apart—to rebuild and carry on.

Book Two of the District Ballet Company

Silvana’s Review: 

Zed and Aly come back in the fabulous sequel, Finding Center. It’s so great to think that this book is just another plus to their story, like Second Position didn’t end in a cliffhanger or anything – this second book is if you want more and more and more, and it was beyond more to be completely honest. I adore Katherine’s writing and words. They are beautiful and lyrical. This story flows and I never thought about the speed of it. The writing is just perfect.

Zed and Aly return and it’s fantastic. I got so happy seeing them grow and BE HAPPY. The sole act of them being happy makes me undeniable happy. They deserve the world. DBC series is very important. It addresses topics like eating disorders, disability and mental illness. The support between these two characters makes me go all heart eyes. Between the turmoil of their pasts and fears, they find each other and try to go to that place where they’ve always wanted to be. Together.  

We left them in Second Position together and doing the things that they loved. In Finding Center, we find Aly dancing for a new company and facing the threat of new, young faces in the company. While Zed just wants to be on that stage, alongside Aly, for a single moment. I loved reading these books because you see Aly and Zed interact with everything and everyone around them. If it isn’t in the ballet company it’s in their home. If it isn’t with their friends, it’s with their families. I like seeing the simplest actions they do turn into specks of wonder.

In all, Finding Center just clarified my love for Katherine Locke. I will read anything from her – definitely. I’m sad Zed and Aly’s story is over but happy and lucky I got to see their journey.



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