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Hello my fellow book lovers!

So today is a revolutionary day because I will be announcing some changes to the blog and so, the purpose of this post is to explain why the changes have been made. First and foremost- I’ve created a new logo!! Not very different from the original but you might notice one slight difference.

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Notice yet? The name is now singular and here is why.

If you know anything about my (Giselle’s) personal life, you would know that I started college this Fall and that was a move full of changes. I moved to a new state, started living in a dorm, had to make new friends while missing my old ones, and had to deal with all the college course-work on top of it. This was all really taking away from my time blogging. I hadn’t written a blog post in months. It was a struggle for me to find time to Instagram and Tweet for the blog and I was really upset over all this. I didn’t want my blog to depend on my incredible co-blogger but that’s what I felt like I was doing. So on my plane ride back home this weekend I decided I needed to make change. I had also just written my review for The Game Plan and it felt good to be back. I had finally gotten the hang of things in college and I had time to blog!!

Then, I started thinking about changes, because I feel like I’ve changed a lot since starting the blog- hell, since starting college. And I realized that I wanted change. When I started this blog over a year ago I wasn’t confident enough to start it by myself so I started it with a friend of mine but that ended up not working out. I later added Sil as a co-blogger and I was incredibly happy, but now I’ve realized I have the confidence and the means to step foot into the blogging world on my own. It’s something I had contemplated for a while before actually deciding to do it and I truly believe it’s the right move for me. Blogging on my own will, I think, give me the push to commit to the blog even more and almost personalize it in a way. I’ll be at full responsibility for everything pertaining to the blog, and as scary as that sounds it is something I’m ready for. It’s a challenge I want to set for myself.

So there it is. I shall claim the name of Hopeless Book Lover and see where it all goes from there.

Now I would like to give a huge thanks to everything Silvana has done for the blog in it’s first year!! You are a beautiful human being and an incredible blogger and I hope this isn’t a goodbye, as if I ever want to feature a guest review you’ll be the first person I call. 😉

So the next step in this process (if everything goes over smoothly) is going to be changing the blogs URL from plural to singular as well as the blogs social medias! Hopefully this doesn’t get too confusing for some people because that’s the last thing I want, so fingers crossed!!

I hope my reasoning for all this makes at least a drop of sense and it all works out both for myself and all of you who are reading this!

 Lots of love,


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